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Stay safe at the beach by following these guidelines

  • Protect yourself from the sun. Always wear a hat, sunglasses, a shirt and factor 30+ sunscreen.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Smoking and alcohol are not allowed on the beach.
  • Never leave your valuables unattended.
  • Only swim between the red and yellow flags. Never swim where you see the Dangerous Current sign.

Look for these signs and stay safe

The flags indicate the swimming area – swim between the red and yellow flags where the lifeguards can see you

Dangerous Current Sign

Danger! Beach closed – no swimming

Beware of shore break

Warning - bluebottles (stinging jellyfish)

No surfboard riding

Surfboard riding permitted

If in trouble, raise one arm to attract attention

Weather Condition

Current Weather Temperature : 11.9°C
Rainfall : 0.2mm
Sea Surface Temperature Temperature: °C
Sunrise Sunset Sunrise : 06:57:00 am
Sunset : 05:06:00 pm
Surf Report Surf Summary : bumpy 8-10ft se
Wind : Moderate SW
Weather : partly cloudy

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