Bondi Golf Club

The sky, the cliffs and the sea all collaborate to make Bondi Golf Club an exciting golfing experience, the way the game used to be played amongst the rough terrains of coastal Scotland. This is not one of those "pretty meadow" style courses where you see professionals chipping towards another million. This is a truly challenging nine hole course that helps you work on your short game. There is one par four, and eight par three.

The course record is four under par. It defies even the pros who occasionally do a round here to warm themselves up for big games at the Royal Sydney.

It is also an ancient whale watching spot. Aborigine's etched stone carvings on the flat rocks on the fifth hole which face outwards towards the vast Pacific Ocean. The whales can be seen on their epic migrations to breeding and feeding grounds.



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5 Military Road Sydney East, 2026, Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Golf Club

5 Military Road Sydney East, 2026, Bondi Beach, Australia

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